At Tri City Micro Endodontics our goal in root canal therapy is to achieve complete healing.

We achieve complete root canal therapy healing through close adherence and application to the biological principles governing the body’s ability to overcome infection. We are often asked by dentists and patients what we believe makes root canal therapy work and succeed. There are many factors involved including the patient’s immune system and the type of bacteria present within the tooth.  In addition to the patient’s body, there are tools we utilize to tip the scales in favor of the body ability to remove the bad bugs in a tooth. When treating an infected root canal system we almost always use three different types of irrigants within the tooth. One solution kills bacteria and tissue within the main canal system. A second irrigant removes small crystals along the root surface to allow subsequent instrumentation and disinfectant solution to penetrate the walls surrounding the canal space. The third solution targets a separate class of bugs and actually stays active within the tooth for several days. These three solutions can also be activated with ultrasonic energy to further penetrate within the tooth and provide optimal disinfection.

With every infected tooth instead of completing the procedure in one visit, we opt to place a natural paste in your tooth called Calcium Hydroxide. This solution creates an environment that is unfavorable to microorganisms. Most often, we leave the paste in the tooth until your tooth is feeling 100 percent improvement prior to completing the root canal. At times, we will even wait multiple months until we see signs of new bone re-generation in our x-ray to ensure the healing process is in place.

Root canals are most successful when all the nerve tissue in the tooth is addressed and treated. We perform the entire root canal procedure using a high powered microscope which dramatically increases visualization of the inside of the tooth. This increased magnification helps address small canals that may otherwise go untreated. We also take advantage of the latest imaging technology for teeth, the Cone Beam CT Scan. The scan re-creates a three dimensional image of the inside of the tooth and provides a detailed map of the tiny root canal system. The scan also helps detect infections that may not be seen on a digital x-ray.

Overall, we believe the best natural solution to a root canal problem is natural root canal therapy. One that employees bio-compatible materials and optimizes the disinfection process through a strict adherence to biological principles guiding healing.

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